You’re Not the Problem: The Impact of Narcissism and Em


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Narcissism in the family of origin isn’t often discussed. Many emotionally abusive behaviours from parent to child have become socially acceptable; because they’re so prolific, they’re normalised, and humans repeat relational patterns, passing the baton of trauma from generation to generation, until someone decides to change it. You’re Not the Problem shows you how to recognise these behaviours and realise the profound impact they have had, and still have, and to see the patterns they form in our relationships with parents, partners, friends, and colleagues. Using stories and examples from their clinical experience and extensive research, psychotherapists Helen Villiers and Katie McKenna share:

· What Narcissistic Personality Disorder is
· How to recognise emotional abuse in family relationships
· The immediate and long-term impact
· Practical strategies for healing
· How to avoid repeating these behaviours

With a compassionate, sympathetic approach to looking at your familial patterns, Katie and Helen show you how to truly break free from these toxic relationships and reclaim your life.

You’re Not the Problem: The Impact of Narcissism and Em