National Book Token

How Do I Redeem my National Book Token?

The National Book Token can be exchanged as payment or part payment for goods in any Bookstation Store (excluding our Monaghan store) or on the Bookstation website. The amount will be deducted from the token.

Where Do I Redeem my National Book Token?

In Store: Present your National Book Token at the till when you are ready to make your purchase and a staff member will redeem your Token for you.

Online: Once you’ve added the books you’d like to buy to your cart, click ‘View Cart’. Enter your Book Token number in the long box provided along with the three-digit PIN located under the scratch panel on the back of the card. Click ‘Add Card’. The balance will then show next to the card number. The ‘Cart Total’ will then show your order sub-total, the amount being redeemed off your Book Token and the Total amount left to pay.

I have added my National Book Token, but there is still a balance left to pay in the Cart Total

If there is still a balance left in the ‘Cart Total’ after adding your Book Token, this means that there is not enough credit left on your token to cover the full cost of the transaction. In this case the Book Token can be used as part payment and the remaining balance can be paid via credit card. To do this, continue to the checkout page and enter your card details.

Can I Use More Than One Book Token In A Single Transaction?

Yes you can.

In Store: When you are at the till, let a staff member know that you will be using more than one Book Token to complete your transaction.

Online: Repeat the same steps on the Cart page as you did to add your first Book Token.

How Do I Check The Balance On My National Book Token?

In Store: Ask one of our friendly staff members to check for you.

Online: You can check the balance on the Cart page by adding your Book Token number and pin when making a purchase on the Bookstation website. Alternatively, You can check your balance online at by entering your Book Token number and pin in the space provided.

Important Notice when using a National Book Token

If you place an order using a National Book Token, please retain the card used until the book arrives and you are happy with your purchase.

Should your order need to be returned or refunded for any reason then we will need to refund this to the original card used.

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