Whatever Happened to Birdy Troy?


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The brand new novel from the Number One bestselling author of The Letter Home

She was the Next Big Thing … until she disappeared

In the early 1980s, The Diamonds – Ireland’s trailblazing all-woman rock band – were on the brink of international success. Their debut single ‘Too Much Not Enough’ was soaring the British charts. Then, as suddenly as they’d arrived, they vanished. It was the last anyone would hear of songwriter, guitarist and legend-in-the-making Birdy Troy.

Stacey Nash, host of the popular podcast ‘Whatever Happened To…?’, becomes fascinated with the band that broke up before she was born. How could four young women with so much promise just disappear?

As problems mount in her own life, Stacey is drawn deeper into unravelling the mystery. But, after forty years, and with the band’s members reluctant to cooperate, is it too late for the truth to emerge?

Whatever Happened to Birdy Troy? is a rollercoaster journey through the rise and fall of four unforgettable friends and bandmates, in a music scene where darkness lurks beneath a veneer of glamour.

Whatever Happened to Birdy Troy?