Till We Meet Again


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Would you stand by your childhood best friend if they turned out to be a murderer? The unputdownable tale of passion, friendship and heartbreak from international bestseller Lesley Pearse.

She killed two people in cold blood. But why?

Susan walks into a busy doctor’s surgery and guns down two members of staff. Then she calmly waits for the police.

As the evidence against Susan mounts up, both she and Beth begin to talk about the secrets and the traumas that sent them down such different paths in life.

Their friendship grows stronger.

But for one of them, there can be no happy ending . . .

With characters it is impossible not to care about,this is storytelling at its very best : Daily Mail.

Lose yourself in this epic saga : Bella

An emotional and moving epic you won’t forget in a hurry : Woman’s Weekly.

Till We Meet Again