Things That Go Bump


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SKU: 9780702324994 Categories: , , Tag: Author: Kathryn FoxfieldFormat: Paperback / softbackPages: 320Publisher: Scholastic


A wildly entertaining, page-turning, enjoyably scary story
for fans of Goosebumps, Gremlins and Nights at the

When Quinn and some of her year 6 friends
find themselves locked overnight inside Flatpack – a new IKEA-style
superstore – they quickly realise that they are not alone.
A number of things hitched a ride from the forest where Flatpack
sources its wood and in every dark nook, they’ve been multiplying…
After several of the group get themselves dragged off to who
knows where, Quinn knows she was right all along – monsters are definitely
real. After that, she’s forced to face her fears and come
up with a plan: 1) rescue her friends 2) avoid being apprehended
by overly efficient store employees, 3) hack into the store’s
delivery system and send the monsters back where they came from.
Oh, and don’t get eaten. Whatever you do, don’t look under the beds.
And if you hear a wardrobe creaking open behind you, RUN!

Things That Go Bump