The Perfect Place


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SKU: 9781804368121 Categories: , , Tag: Author: Amanda CassidyPublication Date: 1st Aug 2024Format: PaperbackPages: 320Publisher: Canelo Publishing


What you see isn’t always what you get.

Elle Littlewood can barely believe her luck when her producertells her about a dilapidated chateau in Aix-En-Provence thatsfor sale at a rock bottom price. It seems too good to be true,but as a home interiors infl uencer, she knows this wouldmake incredible content.

Elle’s life is the envy of thousands, and her social media postsshow a beautiful, accomplished woman. Yet this wasn’talways the case. If they knew the truth about her past, theywould never look at Elle the same way again.

Elle needs this house. She doesn’t care that it comes withhuge strings attached. And when people get in her way,there’s nothing Elle won’t do to protect her brand. After all,she’s survived by doing things that people could neverimagine – and knows she would do them again.

A dark and utterly captivating crime thriller perfect for fans ofAdele Parks and Lucy Foley.

The Perfect Place