The Neuroscience of Manifesting


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Discover the magical science of getting the life you want

In The Neuroscience of Manifesting, psychologist and neuroscientist Dr Sabina Brennan uses cutting edge research to demonstrate that the power to manifest the life of our dreams resides within us all.

By grounding key manifestation principles in science, Dr Brennan shows that manifesting does not require blind trust or faith in higher powers. Instead, it requires changing how you think and behave, and learning how to harness the power of your brain.

Through breaking down complicated neuroscience into empowering everyday strategies, this book will show you how to:
Cultivate more self-compassion
Gain clarity on what you really want
Connect with your true self
Take considered action to bring about the change you desire
Create your best life using effective, scientifically grounded techniques

The Neuroscience of Manifesting