The Freedom Within


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Pre-order Gerry Hussey’s new book The Freedom Within and be in with a chance to win a one-on-one online coaching session with Gerry, where he will help you to rethink health and performance and move towards a more authentic and honest approach to life.

Do you find yourself dwelling in unhelpful emotions like fear, anxiety and overwhelm?

Endlessly chasing something intangible to help you feel ‘enough’?

What if a life of greater ease and joy is available to you?

In his new book The Freedom Within, bestselling author and health coach Gerry Hussey gives us a remarkable insight into the truth about human emotions: how they shape every aspect of our lives and how every emotion we hold is either enabling or disabling us, healing or hurting us.

From understanding the impact of early childhood experiences, family dynamics and unconscious beliefs, to discovering how to unlock our emotional triggers and establish healthy boundaries, this transformative guide shows us how we can redirect our energy from a place of emotional pain to one of power and begin living with incredible inner peace.

Step out of the shadows of your past.

Connect to your truest self.

Discover your emotional superpower.

The Freedom Within