The Chisellers


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SKU: 9781847173232 Categories: , , Tag: Author: Brendan O'CarrollPublication Date: 18th Nov 2011Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 192Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd


The second book in the Agnes Browne trilogy, the basis for the BAFTA-award winning TV series Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Continuing the hilarious saga of the ups and downs, minor scrapes and major run-ins of the seven children of Agnes Browne, The Mammy of the bestselling novel of the same name. Full of joy, humour, pathos and the raw vernacular of the Dublin streets.

Agnes Browne and her seven ‘chisellers’ take on the world … and win!

It’s three years since Redser’s death and Agnes Browne soldiers on, being mother, father and referee to her fighting family of seven. Helped out financially by her eldest, and hormonally by the amorous Pierre, Agnes copes with family tragedy, success and the move from the Jarro to the ‘wilds of the country’ — suburban Finglas.

And when the family’s dreams are threatened by an unscrupulous gangster he learns a costly lesson — don’t mess with the children of Agnes Browne!

With a new introduction by the author, Brendan O’Carroll.

The Chisellers