Lucky Girl: Family, falling and finding my way


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‘You can look at my life in two ways. Some people see a nightmare, some see a fairytale. I’ve just always thought I was lucky…People often ask me how I did it, this book is my answer. This is my story, everything I’ve learned along the way, I hope it can help you find your own luck. ‘

Lottie Tomlinson has gone through a huge amount in her 23 years on this planet. Touring with her brother Louis as a make-up artist with One Direction at the age of 16, you’d think her life was a fairytale. But this only masked the tragedy happening at home, when her mother became ill with leukaemia and died when Lottie was just 18. Leaving behind five smaller siblings, Lottie came home and tried to find a way to hold the family together. But sadly, tragedy struck again when the family lost Lottie’s little sister Félicité, at just 18.

Despite all this, incredibly Lottie has built a successful business empire, has a loving stable partner and now is the mother to a beautiful baby boy, called Lucky.

Lucky Girl is Lottie’s story of resilience and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Going behind the beauty and the fame, Lottie’s beautiful memoir explores the rollercoaster of her life, from the darkest days and loneliest nights to the success she found despite it all, and how all the challenges and setbacks have led her to where she is today.

Heartbreaking yet inspirational, Lottie hopes that in telling her story and how she has navigated the pain and grief in her life that she will provide hope for others going through their darkest times.

Lucky Girl: Family, falling and finding my way