Let’s Talk


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SKU: 9780702329234 Category: Tag: Author: Jessie YendlePublication Date: 21st Dec 2023Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 144Publisher: Scholastic


An empowering and confidence-boosting book for young
people on how to live your best life and get over hurdles that slow
you down.
From Jessie Yendle, beauty and self confidence boosting influencer
AKA “That Girl with the Stammer on TikTok”.

On a mission to fight her debilitating stammer after the pandemic,
Jessie set herself a challenge on TikTok: to film herself openly
‘having a go’ ordering at drive-throughs, starting conversations
with people and sharing her experience with the world.

Her videos have received millions of views with overwhelmingly
positive reactions.

Let’s Talk is an empowering book for teens and young
adults on how to live their best lives and overcome life’s hurdles.

With topics and activities covering:


body positivity

makeup tutorials



letting go

seasonal styling

mental health

skin care

self-esteem and confidence

Let’s Talk