What is Beautiful in the Sky: A book about endings and beginnings


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SKU: 9781473691025 Category: Tag: Author: Michael HardingPublication Date: 3rd Jun 2021Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 304Publisher: Hachette Books Ireland


‘In these strange days Michael Harding’s route taking and wise words gently nudge us towards the future, steadying us as we navigate the great unknowns ahead’ Joe Duffy

It’s dawn and in the early morning light, Michael Harding is walking in his garden in the hills above Lough Allen in Leitrim, dreaming of the new beginning in Donegal he had planned before the world changed in the early months of 2020.

Here, in his stunning and intimate new book, we travel with Michael through this day as he looks back at a life lived in, and as part of, the Irish landscape and, in doing so, he vividly and evocatively brings to life what is at the heart of the Irish identity: storytelling, love and human intimacy. With honesty, insight and tenderness, he shows that while everything has changed, that which is important remains the same: and how, in this new world, we can live with hope and faith in everything that is beautiful in the sky.

What is Beautiful in the Sky is an account of our times: a record of our past and a promise of new beginnings.

‘This morning is special. The air is cleaner than it used to be. Birds sing with a deeper resonance. The apple trees shed their petals and fatten their fruit with an astonishing defiance; as if nature itself carried a coded message; everything will be ok in the end. Hope may seem lost with each new death but love has become more visible in every hospital corridor in the world.

“Let’s begin again.”

What is Beautiful in the Sky: A book about endings and beginnings