Tom Gates 19: Random Acts of Fun (pb)


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SKU: 9781407191133 Category: Tag: Author: Liz PichonPublication Date: 1st Sep 2022Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 240Publisher: Scholastic


The top-of-the-class, extra special new bestseller from
multi-million copy selling author and illustrator Liz Pichon –
now in paperback.
A laugh-out-loud, packed-with-pictures Tom Gates story!

Oh no!
Tom’s stuck at home with a fractured ankle and it’s spoiling his

Doodling on his plaster cast helps to pass the time, along with
visits from family (with treats), friends and even Rooster managing
to sneak in.

Tom remembers other fun times he’s had, like metal detecting with
Uncle Kevin and the cousins or inventing a new secret language
with Derek.

But only ONE thing will cheer Tom up:
a caramel doughnut from the new bakery…

trouble is, every other kid in town keeps getting there before


Written in diary form

Every page STUFFED full of laughs, stories,
doodles and creative FUN

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was
the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize!

Perfect gifts for boys & girls who love to laugh themselves

The first series of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates won
the Scottish BAFTA for Entertainment!

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epic standalone by Liz Pichon.

Tom Gates 19: Random Acts of Fun (pb)