The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism


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SKU: 9781800753846 Category: Tag: Author: Keyu JinPublication Date: 20th Jul 2023Format: HardbackPages: 368Publisher: Swift Press


Financial Times Best Summer Books of 2023

‘Essential reading’ Tony Blair

A revelatory, myth-dispelling exploration of China’s juggernaut economy

Although China’s economy is one of the largest in the world, Western understanding of it is often based on dated assumptions and incomplete information. In The New China Playbook, Keyu Jin burrows deep into the mechanisms of a unique system, taking a nuanced, clear-eyed, and data-based look inside. From the far-reaching and unexpected consequences of China’s one-child policy to the government’s complex relationship with entrepreneurs, from its boisterous financial system to its latest push for technological innovation, Jin reveals the frequently misunderstood dynamics at play.

China is entering a new era, soon to be shaped by a radically different younger generation. As it strives to move beyond the confines of conventional socialism stained by shortages and capitalism hindered by inequality, the world is about to witness the emergence of a completely new dynamic between two diametrically opposite systems. The thorough understanding of China’s playbook that Jin provides will be essential for anyone hoping to interpret the nation’s future economic and political strategy. While China’s rise on the world stage has stirred a wide range of emotions, one thing is certain: a deep understanding is essential for successfully navigating the global economy in the twenty-first century.

The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism