The Midnight Game


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SKU: 9780702318535 Category: Tag: Author: Cynthia MurphyPublication Date: 5th Jan 2023Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 400Publisher: Scholastic


Rules of The Midnight Game:
Do not turn on the lights.
not go to sleep.
Do not
leave the building.

When a group who have met on a creepy Deddit thread decide to
meet in real life, they only have one plan in mind: they are going
to summon the Midnight Man. And once you start
the Midnight Game, you must finish it – there’s no other way out!
Six strangers. One night. But how many survivors?

From thriller-horror YA queen, Cynthia Murphy, author
of Last One To Die and TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT Win Lose
Kill Die, comes her third nail-biting novel about CreepyPasta.

Perfect for fans of Karen McManus, Kathryn Foxfield and
slasher horror movies like Candyman.

With six-character points-of-view, Deddit threads, newspaper
articles and DMs, this pacy thriller will keep you awake
and guessing until the very last page.

The Midnight Game