The Great Reindeer Rescue


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A high-energy, brilliantly silly, fully illustrated festive
adventure story by much-loved actor Stephen Mangan and talented
artist Anita Mangan. 
One of Santa’s reindeers, Dave, is FED UP.

He’s seething about having to spend Christmas stuck behind Rudolph,
who is forever droning on about his role as the Star of the
Show. Most of Santa’s OG Reindeer Crew (Blitzen, Prancer et al)
have retired or been fired in disgrace, leaving some rookie reindeers
to take the sleigh reins. This Christmas Eve, Dave
is behind Rudolph in the procession flying ahead of Santa’s sleigh,
and is the recipient of a fart-in-the-face that is the LAST STRAW.
He unclips Rudolph’s harness, and Rudolph blithely flies off,
monologuing away to himself. Santa makes an emergency landing
on the roof of 9 year old Holly’s family, where her dad is wobbling
about on the roof trying to switch on the exterior Christmas
lights. The lights explode and blast the reindeers to far-flung
corners of the Earth. Holly must fly Dave around the globe rescuing
the reindeer from various outlandish situations – one
is on a beach in Tahiti and has no intention of putting down his
cocktail and working flat-out all Christmas eve, thank-you-very-much,
one is perched precariously on top of the Empire State Building,
one has landed slap bang in the middle of the icy Arctic, perilously
close to a very hungry polar bear. Rudolph has made it to
Las Vegas and has a sell-out one-reindeer show to put on. Can
Holly and Dave work together to return the reindeers to Santa and

Wildly funny, delightfully imaginative storytelling guaranteed
to become a Christmas classic.

Packed with pictures by Stephen Mangan’s sister
Anita Mangan.

Escape the Rooms and The Fart That Changed the World
have been huge bestsellers: Stephen and Anita are comic


Praise for Stephen and Anita’s first book, Escape
the Rooms:

“A brilliant, clever, kind of genius book” Graham
Norton, Virgin Radio

‘Richly imagined and deeply heartfelt’ Hadley
Freeman, Guardian

‘Manages to feel both classic and modern at the same time’
Good Housekeeping

‘A beautiful and exciting adventure that ignites the imagination’
Edith Bowman

Stephen Mangan is an author, script-writer and
actor with huge range across TV, radio, film and theatre. From
classic comedy such as Green Wing,
Episodes and I’m Alan Partridge
and acclaimed drama such as The Split,
Stephen also presents Portrait and Landscape
Artist of the Year and regularly appears on
stage, most recently as a highly praised Ebeneezer Scrooge in A
Christmas Carol. Stephen also voiced the
title role in Postman Pat: The Movie.
He has been a member of the judging panels for the Costa Book of
the Year prize and The Laugh-Out-Loud Awards (The Lollies). His children’s
books are the bestselling Escape the Rooms and
The Fart that Changed the World.

Anita Mangan is a celebrated graphic designer
and illustrator who has designed over 60 books including for Leon
Restaurants, Gizzi Erskine and Fearne Cotton. She illustrated the
best-selling Be a Unicorn series. Her first children’s
book was the bestselling Escape the Rooms.


The Great Reindeer Rescue