Social Capital:Life online in the shadow of Ireland’s tech boom


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A David and Goliath story about Ireland’s role as prime real estate for the world’s largest tech multinationals, and the considerable impact it has had on us as individuals.

Since the arrival of Google to Dublin’s docklands in 2003, Ireland has experienced a ‘tech sprawl’, with some of the world’s largest social media multinationals like Facebook and Twitter following suit – all taking full advantage of Ireland’s attractive corporate tax rate.

Their presence has changed the landscape of Ireland significantly, both physically and economically: pressed up against the sleek, gargantuan offices of these tech firms are some of Dublin’s oldest communities, inhabited by the dedicated users of the products these companies are touting.

But the promises of opportunity and enterprise initially posited by Ireland’s policy-makers have exposed infrastructure and legislation woefully underprepared to keep up with the rate of expansion of the tech giants. With over 75% of the population using social media sites, and an increase in online harassment, trolling and misinformation campaigns, how do we live offline if they live next door?

In The Tech Dilemma, investigative journalist Aoife Barry does a deep-dive into the butterfly effect the presence of these tech companies has had on the nation and exposes the real-life consequences it has had on us as individuals.

Social Capital:Life online in the shadow of Ireland’s tech boom