Paws Off My Book


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SKU: 9781407171487 Category: Tag: Author: Fabi SantiagoPublication Date: 1st Jun 2017Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 32Publisher: Scholastic


Olaf the Giraffe is excited when he finds
a book.
“I LOVE books!” he chuckles, and starts
to have a look.
But he gets interrupted by a whole host of animals who tell him
how to read:

lying down like a crocodile,

standing on one leg like a flamingo,

and even hanging upside down like a monkey!

Olaf has enough and stomps away… but soon finds himself
sharing the book with all the animals, together.

A charming picture book about the joy of reading and finding
your own way by Fabi Santiago, whose TIGER IN A TUTU was shortlisted
for the Waterstones Book Prize, 2017.

Zingingly bright fluoro inks complement the stylish but humorous

Cheeky, minimal text, perfect for reading aloud

Paws Off My Book