No Apologies


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SKU: 9780008567200 Categories: , , Tag: Author: Niamh OrbinskiPublication Date: 13th Apr 2023Format: PaperbackPages: 272Publisher: Harper Collins Ireland


Nutritionist and intuitive eating counsellor Niamh Orbinski shows us how to leave dieting behind and rebuild a healthier, more sustainable relationship with food.

Are you always on a diet or struggling with yo-yoing weight? Ever feel guilty for eating dessert or like you have to work a meal off at the gym?

What if your relationship with food could be easy and effortless instead?

Food Freedom will show you how to break the cycle and learn to eat intuitively so that you can live a life free from food- and body-obsession by:
– Challenging the food police
– Respecting your body
– Honouring your hunger
– Prioritising self-care

So say goodbye to diet culture and hello to a stress-free, happier and healthier you.

No Apologies