Minecraft Wolf Diaries #1: Player Attack


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SKU: 9780702333132 Categories: , Tag: Author: Winston WolfFormat: Paperback / softbackPages: 128Publisher: Scholastic





This 100% unofficial Minecraft chapter book is packed
with all the action, adventure and humor a young gamer could wish
for! The first in a new series featuring classic Minecraft characters,
creatures, and quests!

Winston is a Minecraft wolf on a mission! The problem is
that he’s not very good at fighting crime, and the infamous Baby
Turtles are forever scheming, creating all manner of chaos across
the Overworld.

Then Winston has the brilliant idea of taming a Minecraft player
to be his secret weapon. Can Winston and his pet player finally
reveal the true evil nature of the Baby Turtles, or will they be
defeated by these lovable critters over and over again? Read and
find out in this unofficial Minecraft series that features illustrations


An adventurous and fun story

Features classic Minecraft characters 

Perfect for young gamers

Minecraft Wolf Diaries #1: Player Attack