Magnolia Parks: The Long Way Home: Book 3


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How many loves do you get in a lifetime?
…And are Magnolia and BJ each other’s?

It’s been nearly a year since everything happened between Magnolia Parks and BJ Ballentine on the steps of the Mandarin Oriental, and it seems like everything since then has changed.

Magnolia has a life in New York now and BJ appears to have finally let go and moved on.

But when they both wind up back to London and are thrust together once again, they find themselves asking their age-old question: how many loves do you actually get in a lifetime, and most importantly – are they each other’s?


‘I was so wrecked by the ending I considered pulling a Joey from Friends and putting the book in the freezer.’ (FIVE STARS)

‘I never want to leave the Magnolia Parks universe! The obsession is real!’ (FIVE STARS)

‘If you want to obsess over a world and the gut wrenching love story that it revolves around – this book is for you.’ (FIVE STARS)

‘The ending, my heart. shattered. I was a sobbing mess.’ (FIVE STARS)

‘INSANE… I love a good love story, but this one is just so amazing.’ (FIVE STARS)

Magnolia Parks: The Long Way Home: Book 3