Luna Wolf: Animal Wizard


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SKU: 9780702324109 Category: Tag: Author: Alesha DixonPublication Date: 2nd Mar 2023Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 320Publisher: Scholastic


Superstar TV presenter and bestselling author Alesha Dixon is
back with a funny, action-packed adventure perfect for all young
animal fans!
Luna has just moved to London with her dad and is feeling anxious
about starting at a new school and trying to make friends. Helping
out at an animal rescue centre over the summer, she meets a
dog, Silver, who is as shy and wary as she is: they quickly become
inseparable. One evening, there is a break-in at the rescue centre,
and when Silver smells danger, he transforms into a
wolf in a flash of blue light, to protect Luna. She
discovers that her scientist mum was involved in a top secret
project to create super pets, including a dog turning
into a wolf, a gecko into a crocodile, a cat into a tiger. But
the director of the project wanted to sell these animals to collectors
on the black market: Luna’s brave mum released them into the
wild to foil this plan – and now the villain is hot on their trail,
determined to capture them again. Luna discovers that she has
the ability to power-up the animals; and that
she’s the hero they need to protect them and stop
the villain! From the bestselling author of the Lightning
Girl series, Star Switch and Girls Rule
Smart, funny and starring wonderfully real and relatable characters
Perfect for all kids who love their pets, or long for one!

Luna Wolf: Animal Wizard