Keeping It Awesomer with Emmet


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SKU: 9781407194547 Category: Tag: Author: Meredith RusuPublication Date: 24th Dec 2018Format: HardbackPages: 128Publisher: Scholastic


A guide to keeping everything awesome based on The
LEGO MOVIE 2 – includes Emmet minifigure!

Emmet Brickowski is BACK in this all-new guide
to keeping it awesome that comes with a LEGO Emmet minifigure!

Narrated by Emmet himself, this guide is full
of laughs and images from The LEGO MOVIE 2
starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Alison Brie,
and more.

So, are you wondering how to build your own destiny? Wondering
how to keep the party going, even in the face of DUPLO alien invaders?
Are you ready to make things awesomer?

Then this is the guide for you!

Keeping It Awesomer with Emmet