I Hope This Doesn’t Find You


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Sadie doesn’t have to hold back in her email drafts because nobody
will ever read them … that is, until someone sends them out.

Seventeen-year-old Sadie Wen is perfect on paper. It’s a
reputation she’s fought hard to earn at the highly prestigious
Woodvale Academy, and one she’s determined to maintain
until graduation.

The trick to keeping her model-student-smile plastered on her
face at all times? She channels all her petty frustrations into her
email drafts. One for the math teacher who refused to round her
eighty-nine-point-nine percent up to ninety; one for the girl who
blatantly copied her science project and took the credit for it.
But most of her vehemently-worded emails are for her smug, infuriating
co-captain, Julius Gong, who’s been the sharpest thorn
in her side ever since they were kids. Sadie never meant for
these emails to get out … but now her whole life is about to change…

From the author of THIS TIME IT’S REAL comes another own-voices
love story with a high-concept twist

Perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Crazy Rich Asians

Gorgeously page-turning and endlessly readable, I HOPE THIS DOESN’T
FIND YOU is perfect for BookTok and the Netflix generation

I Hope This Doesn’t Find You