Glass Houses: the moving and uplifting new novel from the bestselling author of If Only


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‘A wonderfully empathetic exploration of human frailties and our capacity to heal … brutally truthful and beautifully uplifting’ Sophie White

‘Moving, unexpected and compassionate’ Louise O’Neill

‘A heartfelt reminder of the importance of connection – to nature, to others, to ourselves’ Calum McSwiggan

Jenna Walker has suddenly found herself with no job, no boyfriend, nowhere to live – and she’s been wondering for a while now if, apart from her beloved cat Bertie, she has anything to live for. The last thing she wants is to turn up on her sister’s doorstep, but that feels like her only option…

Rosie Walker spends a lot of her time thinking about the life she used to have. These days she’s stretched too thin, and she’s not sure she can cope with taking care of another person. If only one thing in her life would work out the way she wants it to…

David is Rosie’s next-door neighbour. A retired doctor, he has had a big idea, one inspired by his late wife June: a community garden project for those who are struggling.

The sisters reluctantly agree to take part, even though they’re sure it’ll be a waste of time. How could fixing up an overgrown plot of land make anyone’s life better? But as the group works together to bring the garden back to life, new friendships blossom and old wounds start to heal. And Jenna and Rosie come to realise that the world around them might have more to offer than they had once believed.

From the author of bestseller If Only, Glass Houses is a heartfelt, uplifting novel about family, growth, friendship and hope.

‘Evocative, emotional and visceral’ Briana Morgan


Glass Houses: the moving and uplifting new novel from the bestselling author of If Only