Do Tell


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SKU: 9781399707381 Category: Tag: Author: Lindsay LynchPublication Date: 13th Jul 2023Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 352Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton


Do Tell is an absolute marvel: page-turning yet thought-provoking, historical in its setting yet contemporary in its concerns. . . A deeply moving, immensely satisfying, blockbuster of a debut novel’
Anthony Marra




The clock is ticking on Hollywood actress Edie O’Dare’s contract with FWM Studios. Her acting career is going nowhere, and she’s running out of time to find a new role in the industry – other than providing salacious details of the latest party or premiere to the press.

So when an up-and-coming starlet hands her an explosive letter – alleging an assault by an A-list actor – Edie helps get the story into print, and buys herself a new career as Tinseltown’s new reigning gossip columnist.

Edie has more power on the page than she ever commanded in front of the camera. But dealing in your former friends’ secrets comes at a price – and when her scoop turns into the trial of the decade, Edie’s decisions have the potential to ruin more than one life . . .

Do Tell is a glittering journey into golden age Hollywood, and a sharply relevant exploration of secrets, power, and who gets to tell your story.

Praise for Do Tell:
‘Like our intrepid narrator, Do Tell manages to be both funny and substantive, breezy and wise. I stepped into the stream of the narrative and didn’t look up until I came to the last page’
Ann Patchett, author of The Dutch House

There is little more alluring than the promise of secrets, and Do Tell is full of them–glamorous, tawdry, and human. Lindsay Lynch has created a rich portrait of the lives of early Hollywood’s beautiful puppets and those holding their strings’
Emma Straub, author of This Time Tomorrow

‘Gossip columnist Edie O’Dare has enemies and sources, but no friends in a Golden Age Hollywood whose gleam is tarnished by exploitation, cruelty and betrayal. Like a latter-day Cecil B. DeMille, Lindsay Lynch deftly directs her large cast of morally complex characters to illuminate issues of fame and notoriety as relevant now as they were almost a century ago’
Geraldine Brooks, New York Times bestselling author of Horse

‘In Do Tell Lindsay Lynch takes a glance back at golden-age Hollywood and captures the fizzy magic, the secret lives, and the deep, destructive misogyny within the industry’s DNA. This is a wry, entertaining, and incisive debut’
Lily King, bestselling author of Writers & Lovers

Reveals the tawdry truth behind the glitz and glamour of Golden Age Hollywood, as gossip columnist Edie struggles to decide which secrets to keep and which secrets to spill. Thoroughly immersive and most enjoyable!’
Anita Frank, author of The Lost Ones

Do Tell