Bob vs the Selfie Zombies


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SKU: 9781800783485 Category: Tag: Author: Andy JonesPublication Date: 2nd Feb 2023Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 320Publisher: Bonnier Books Ltd


THE HILARIOUS AND ACTION-PACKED STORY OF BOB, ACCIDENTAL TIME TRAVELLER. Perfect for fans of David Solomons, David Baddiel and Greg James & Chris Smith.

“An instant hit. Bold, clever and funny, with writing that absolutely sizzles. My kids and I are now confirmed fans of Andy Jones, who weaves a smart time-hopping tale around his instantly likeable characters.” P.G. Bell, author of The Train to Impossible Places

“A rip-roaring time travel comedy adventure. In the future, this book might actually save the world.” David Solomons, author of My Brother Is a Superhero


Bob and his best friend Malcolm are determined to win the school talent competition with their band The Tentacles of Time. For one thing, there’s GBP50 worth of vouchers to be won. For another, the future of the world depends on it.

Bob doesn’t know why he can time travel. He does know that it always happens at the worst possible moments. Like when he’s in the bath. Awkward! But when Bob comes face to face with his future self in the middle of a disastrous alternative reality, he has to do something!

In this terrifying version of the future, an evil genius has created a smile-operated selfie camera that turns people into zombies. The world as Bob knows it has completely collapsed. There’s not even anywhere to get a decent pizza! It’s up to Bob to fix the present, change the course of time and save the whole world!

A hair-raising race into the future and back again . . . and again.

“You’ll cry tears of laughter, tears of sadness and tears at Dad’s terrible jokes. But you’ll be smiling while you do. Brilliantly bonkers.” Maz Evans, author of Who Let the Gods Out?

“This super entertaining time-travel adventure features a sweet and funny hero in Bob, wrestling to save the future from selfie-taking zombies. I loved it! It’s a cracking read – a time-twisting romp that deftly touches on growing up, love and loss.” Jo Simmons, author of I Swapped My Brother on the Internet

“Funnier than a book about zombies has any right to be. Laugh-out-loud time travel adventures don’t come along often – I hope Andy’s going to continuum.” Olaf Falafel, author of Trixie Pickle: Art Avenger

Bob vs the Selfie Zombies