Beneath Dark Waters


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Assistant District Attorney Kaj Cordozo’s life is thrown upside down when two masked men attempt to kidnap his son, Elijah. Given the high-profile case Kaj is working on, he’s not about to take any more risks.

When Val Sorensen of Burke Broussard Private Investigation Agency is assigned as Elijah’s bodyguard, she realises she also has a very personal connection to the gang thought to be behind the attempted kidnap – a run in with Sixth Day cost her brother his life.

As Kaj and Val work together to prevent a second kidnap attempt, they uncover a trail of violence and deception leading back to brothers Aaron and Corey Gates. Aaron is in prison, but Corey is dangerous, at large and about to threaten everything Kaj holds dear.

Will the revelation of involvement from the other Gates brothers lead to answers, or by placing their trust in them will Kaj and Val be putting themselves in even more danger?


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Beneath Dark Waters