Beirut Station


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A stunning new espionage novel by a master of the genre, Beirut Station follows a young female CIA officer whose mission to assassinate a high-level, Hezbollah terrorist reveals a dark truth that puts her life at risk.

Lebanon, 2006. The Israel–Hezbollah war is tearing Beirut apart: bombs are raining down, residents are scrambling to evacuate, and the country is on the brink of chaos.

In the midst of this turmoil, the CIA and Mossad are targeting a reclusive Hezbollah terrorist, Najib Qassem. Najib is believed to be planning the assassination of Secretary of State, who is coming to Beirut in ten days to broker a ceasefire.

They turn to a young Lebanese-American CIA agent. Analise comes up with the perfect plan: she has befriended Qassem’s grandson, and will use this friendship to locate the terrorist and kill him. As the plan goes into action, though, Analise begins to suspect that Mossad has a motive of its own.

She alerts the agency but their response is for her to drop it. Analise is now the target and there is no one she can trust: not the CIA, not Mossad, and not the Lebanese government. And the one person she might have to trust — a reporter for the New York Times — might not be who he says he is…

A tightly-wound international thriller, Beirut Station is Paul Vidich’s best novel to date.

Beirut Station