Awesome Facts for Curious Kids: 6 Year Olds


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SKU: 9781780559254 Category: Tag: Author: Andrew PinderPublication Date: 16th Mar 2023Format: Paperback / softbackPages: 128Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd


This info-packed fact book is bursting with over 250 mind-blowing facts and illustrations on a range of fascinating subjects, from space and science to dinosaurs and minibeasts.

Did you know …

The huge Argentinosaurus weighed as much as 14 fully grown elephants, and was as tall as a 6-storey building.

The Antarctic can be so cold that a cup of boiling water thrown in the air turns to ice before it hits the ground.

The book is split into 9 themed chapters, covering topics from Planet Earth and Animals to Space and Science. Every fact is accompanied with a hilarious illustration by artist Andrew Pinder to bring the information to life.

With tons of awesome things to discover and read about – from chimpanzee astronauts and pink dolphins to ice hotels and blue sunsets – this book will keep curious kids laughing and learning for hours on end.

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Awesome Facts for Curious Kids: 6 Year Olds